Urban residential
Residential construction in urban areas is complicated, but it doesn’t have to be.
Cedar is a platform that dramatically reduces the time it takes to go from land search to permitting.
Data-driven site search.
Explore sites using buildable area, constructability, site constraints and much more.
Unified site analysis.
Analyze what and how much you can build on any site - all through a single platform.
Effortless financial modeling.
Get a detailed financial breakdown of everything it takes to build on a selected site, with preliminary design options.
Compare. Find the best fit.
Evaluate projects across multiple sites and use comparative analysis to find the best fit for you.
Have a site you’d like to test?
If you’re an architect looking for site analysis, a developer looking for a financial report, or a homebuyer simply wondering what your property has to offer, realize its potential by visiting the link below.