We’re building an operating system for urban development

We believe that there is a fundamental mismatch between the supply and demand for housing in most American cities. The lack of housing options in urban centers in turn leads to a much broader impact on our societies through issues such as climate change, and economic inequity.

Cedar is dedicated to building tools that allow the builders, developers, and the broader design and real estate community to find innovative solutions to tackle this problem. Below, you'll find our roadmap to building a positive future for urban housing.

Change the way we plan and develop our cities

Cedar is empowering the real-estate development community to make better decisions much earlier in the development process through data-driven approaches.

of our cities are zoned for housing, yet we're not building enough.
That's why we believe in this mission.

Catalyze more affordable and livable neighborhoods by decreasing the cost and time to source and evaluate real estate projects

Inefficiencies at the earliest stages of feasibility, underwriting, and acquisition make it difficult to develop and build housing at a rate to meet the demands of population and demographic shifts and drive a lack of affordability. At Cedar, we’re making it easier to confidently predict development and planning when it matters.

12+ months
to complete the site planning and permitting process in most cities.
That's why we're building solutions that make it faster and easier to get through this process.

Connect a national standard for housing and urban development with zoning and land use on a local scale

Cedar is the first platform that combines local zoning and land development regulations with a national standard of market-tested infill housing options.

number of homes that we need to build in America to address the current housing shortage
That's why it's crucial to provide innovative alternatives to the current housing options.


We're a team of designers, builders, and dreamers. We’ve designed cities and buildings around the world and built the software used in the process.

Kyle Vansice
Co-founder & CEO
Nate Peters
Co-founder & CTO
Rahul Attraya
Co-founder & COO
Romano Ian Christian Dayagbil
Generative Systems & AI
Vishal Vaidhyanathan
Generative Systems & AI


We've been incredibly fortunate to work with highly accomplished founders and operators in real estate, construction, and technology as our mentors and advisors.

Kristen Padavic, AIA
Managing Principal, Padavic Design
Maria Davidson
Co-founder & CEO, Kojo
Prateek Jain
Director of Product, Twilio
Ron Thrower
Founder, Thrower Design
Scott Turner
Founder, Turner Residential & Riverside Homes
Christopher "Kit" Johnson, AIA
Founder, Christopher Kit Johnson Architect

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Shorewind Capital
Alumni Ventures
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